Which Type Suits You Best?

Marriage is a huge commitment which comes with an excess baggage of compromise and cooperation as well. But, who would want to compromise with their choice of wedding? Therefore, before you make that mistake, here is an insight into the different types of weddings, so that you can choose the one which suits you best.
Civil wedding
This type is ideal for the couple who believes in saving money and utilizing it for something more useful such as a honeymoon, rather than wasting it on a lavish reception. The requirements for civil wedding ceremonies are very simple, wherein vows are exchanged in an intimate gathering in the presence of a judge or mayor. The choice of venue is generally a court or at in an official setting.
Religious wedding
This is one of the most common choices wherein people repeat their vows after a priest in a religious setting such as a church amongst their friends and family. However, a reception is hosted after the ceremony, at a different venue or at the banquet hall of that particular church. This option would be ideal for the couple who still holds on to old school values and prefers a traditional wedding over any out of the box ideas.
Destination wedding
If you are the type of couple that has been saving up for years to spend a truckload of money on your wedding, then consider going to this option. The options are endless when it comes to choosing a location, you could host your wedding in Denmark, overlooking the snowcapped mountains or you could have a summer wedding along the shores of the Phuket beach. Regardless of which place you choose, you are bound to have an exhilarating experience provided that you plan ahead of time. Tip: hire a planner to ensure the ceremony and other aspects are planned immaculately.
Informal wedding
The couples who think out of the box and avoid mainstream ideas are most likely to opt for informal weddings. This gives them the liberty to plan every aspect of their occasion according to their choices without having to worry about sticking to traditions. They may choose to incorporate a few significant traditions while ensuring that the element of fun is not lost or they could eliminate the cultural aspect completely. Nevertheless, these weddings are a lot of fun and mostly consist of the people who are very dear to the couple, rather than a whole bunch of strangers being invited.
Every couple has different ideologies when it comes to planning their special day. However, if both parties have a better idea about their dream wedding, then it becomes much easier to decide on aspects related to the big day, thus making the process smooth and enjoyable.